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Lectionary Readings Pentecost Year C

He is truly great in power who has power over himself. Charles H. Spurgeon 1. The quotation by Charles Spurgeon when placed with the image of the lightning strike is a very motivating way to start group discussion. Surely there is great truth in the fact that we would... read more

Parable of the fig tree

The parable of the fig tree (Luke 13.1-8) It has been claimed that the process of evolution in this world is to produce useful things, and that that which is useful will go on from strength to strength in the economy of evolution,while that which is useless will... read more

About Sunday Journal

Sunday Journal is a non-demoninational religious publication which presents the texts of the lectionary in everyday, relatable language to all.  Written and produced over 35 years by the Reverend Brian Haig for as a quarterly print magazine, Sunday Journal is now available online.

Featuring notes, commentary and reflections in everyday English, Sunday Journal is a starting point for lay people and ministers alike to discover more about the Word of God and to share it with others.

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